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Conservatives showing their true colors

Posted on June 10th, by tac in Current Events. No Comments

All that talk about liberty and the rights of the individual seem awful anemic as Conservatives scramble to defend the National Security Agency’s PRISM spying technology.

With Ann Althouse1and her fans in particular running wild with claims that whistle-blower Edward Snowden has severely harmed our national security; I’ve even seen a number of people claiming that Snowden must … read more

Events in Boston

Posted on April 17th, by tac in Current Events. 7 comments

Americans live in a fantasy world.  We believe our myths are real, and that the little white lies we tell about ourselves are actually true.  Like so many other nations before us, we’re GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE, except with us, that will never end.1  After 9/11 I listened to all the speeches and bluster.  We were never going to let … read more

Thinking about surveillance

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Neil Richards’ draft paper The Dangers of Surveillance is a fairly exciting defense of anti-surveillance thought.  He rightly points out that most arguments against surveillance are nebulous at best, and does a good job of solidifying them.  In particular, he approaches the issue of surveillance not from a 4th Amendment position, but from the 1st Amendment.  He carefully explains the … read more