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Geeks missing the point

Posted on June 11th, by tac in Social Issues. 5 comments

Found on Slashdot:

Most people fear things that are very unlikely to happen:

-Death from terrorism
-Death from oppressive government

We rant and shout with each other over which one is the bigger threat.

Meanwhile, most of us die from lack of proper personal health (diet, exercise, etc) or automobile wrecks, all of which are 100% within our ability

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Conservatives showing their true colors

Posted on June 10th, by tac in Current Events. No Comments

All that talk about liberty and the rights of the individual seem awful anemic as Conservatives scramble to defend the National Security Agency’s PRISM spying technology.

With Ann Althouse1and her fans in particular running wild with claims that whistle-blower Edward Snowden has severely harmed our national security; I’ve even seen a number of people claiming that Snowden must … read more

From the Birthplace of the Sons of Liberty…

Posted on April 22nd, by tac in Current Events, Politics. 6 comments

…To a totalitarian police state.  Unless you have no ability to discern real threats from threats overblown, or have no conception of liberty, this video ought to shake you deeply.



Remember, this is not a service of a single warrant, but the systematic treatment of an entire town.  Firearms are being pointed at and around the people living … read more