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The War on Women

Posted on July 9th, by tac in Random Rants. No Comments

Texas works on abortion bill less restrictive than Sweden’s abortion laws…

Woman falsely accuses 7 men of rape in 5 years, gets 2 years in prison – judge’s first concern is how her behavior makes life hard for real rape victims…

Men being forced to pay child support for the children their ex-wives had by another man…

Male wages and … read more

Geeks missing the point

Posted on June 11th, by tac in Social Issues. 5 comments

Found on Slashdot:

Most people fear things that are very unlikely to happen:

-Death from terrorism
-Death from oppressive government

We rant and shout with each other over which one is the bigger threat.

Meanwhile, most of us die from lack of proper personal health (diet, exercise, etc) or automobile wrecks, all of which are 100% within our ability

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Rape and polyamory

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Having waxed all enthusiastic about alternative marriages the other day, it didn’t take long for me to spot something to remind me why the vast majority of Americans will never take what I wrote – or more importantly the concept itself – seriously.

At the Good Men Project I read How Should I Handle a Rape That Happened in read more