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I never much cared for shaving

Posted on March 5th, by tac in Life, Photography. No Comments

Most of my life shaving was something that had to borne, not an enjoyable part of the day.   Deciding to try a safety razor rather than disposables changed all that.  The care it takes to avoid nicks, cuts, razor burn, etc, results in a sensual treat upon waking.  It takes longer than my old way, but as part of a … read more

Another try

Posted on February 7th, by tac in Photography. No Comments

Another try, this time with bounding on all sides but the one facing the camera.  Still not really working the way I want.  No doubt this would be much much simpler, except possibly the reflection issue, with a macro lens.

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Posted on February 6th, by tac in Photography. No Comments

Pretty much a failed attempt to get a photo of Dragon Pearl White Tea unfurling in water.  I learned:

  • My tripod head is completely inadequate for use with my 18 – 300mm lens (something I would have known if I’d bothered doing any research…)
  • I bounded the glass below, behind, and to the left; using white sheets of paper –
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