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More anti-atheist BS from those who would ally with libertarians

Posted on June 7th, by tac in Politics. 3 comments

Andrew Klavan and Bill Whittle of PJTV ponder the question:  Can a conservative be an atheist?  And go out of their way to further alienate people like me whom they ought to embrace – that is if they truly believe that their form of conservatism is what they say it is.1

The answer is something like Rev. Lovejoy from … read more


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It’s harder to for me to notice it when I’m working, but being unemployed I’m starting to really see it in myself…  I go from vaguely anti-social, to suddenly all but incapable of unnecessary communications.  I have a steadily growing list of emails that I ought to respond to, but each time I try, nothing comes to mind.  I’m much … read more

A Disappointment

Posted on May 19th, by tac in Random Rants. 2 comments

So I won’t be returning to the nanny job unfortunately.  I found out this morning that my little buddy is enrolled in a Spanish immersion, structured, pre-school.  I know this will be a wonderful thing for her development, but my heart is a little broken realizing that we won’t anymore spend the afternoons with her in my lap, singing phonics … read more

An endless procession of good-byes

Posted on May 9th, by tac in Random Rants. 3 comments

As I am now focused on retraining in order to leave my career more or less permanently, I find myself surrounded on all sides by reminders of how hard I worked to get where I was last year.  The time invested, and the money.  I believe that I have around 90% of the books written on the subject of interrogation … read more

“Bloodflowers” Excerpt (by Twig)

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Note: You can find previous excerpts on my own site. I’d like to get as much feedback on this one as possible.

James has grown distant from me, and I’m not sure what to do about it, so I’ve buried myself in rehearsals and recording with North again. At home, I teach Grunt to sit, lay down, roll over, … read more

i am fiction

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…but you can call me Twig.

In draft v3.2 of a novel I wrote, the narrator began a closing chapter with “Once upon a time,” drawing upon a literature conference session I had attended not long before where a panelist discussed storytelling as rationalization. Now that it’s been so many years since that panelist spoke, I find myself having a … read more

The use of torture against terrorism suspects

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From Jonathan Turley we read that NY State Senator Greg Ball tweeted the following regarding the living suspect in the Boston bombing:

So, scum bag #2 in custody. Who wouldn’t use torture on this punk to save more lives?

After receiving some rightful flack over his tweet, his office issued the following statement:

Terrorists play by a different set of

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From the Birthplace of the Sons of Liberty…

Posted on April 22nd, by tac in Current Events, Politics. 6 comments

…To a totalitarian police state.  Unless you have no ability to discern real threats from threats overblown, or have no conception of liberty, this video ought to shake you deeply.



Remember, this is not a service of a single warrant, but the systematic treatment of an entire town.  Firearms are being pointed at and around the people living … read more