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The War on Women

Posted on July 9th, by tac in Random Rants. No Comments

Texas works on abortion bill less restrictive than Sweden’s abortion laws…

Woman falsely accuses 7 men of rape in 5 years, gets 2 years in prison – judge’s first concern is how her behavior makes life hard for real rape victims…

Men being forced to pay child support for the children their ex-wives had by another man…

Male wages and … read more


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It’s harder to for me to notice it when I’m working, but being unemployed I’m starting to really see it in myself…  I go from vaguely anti-social, to suddenly all but incapable of unnecessary communications.  I have a steadily growing list of emails that I ought to respond to, but each time I try, nothing comes to mind.  I’m much … read more

A Disappointment

Posted on May 19th, by tac in Random Rants. 2 comments

So I won’t be returning to the nanny job unfortunately.  I found out this morning that my little buddy is enrolled in a Spanish immersion, structured, pre-school.  I know this will be a wonderful thing for her development, but my heart is a little broken realizing that we won’t anymore spend the afternoons with her in my lap, singing phonics … read more

An endless procession of good-byes

Posted on May 9th, by tac in Random Rants. 3 comments

As I am now focused on retraining in order to leave my career more or less permanently, I find myself surrounded on all sides by reminders of how hard I worked to get where I was last year.  The time invested, and the money.  I believe that I have around 90% of the books written on the subject of interrogation … read more

i am fiction

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…but you can call me Twig.

In draft v3.2 of a novel I wrote, the narrator began a closing chapter with “Once upon a time,” drawing upon a literature conference session I had attended not long before where a panelist discussed storytelling as rationalization. Now that it’s been so many years since that panelist spoke, I find myself having a … read more