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Book Review: Valkia the Bloody

Posted on March 4th, by tac in Overdue, Read Once Throw Away. No Comments

It is the nature of my blogging – for some reason – that from time to time I will a)  cease blogging out of nowhere and b)  return to blogging only to discover that my site has been hacked/destroyed/deleted/infected/all of the above.   Since the last post I published, I have restored my website, from various degrees of destruction, over half … read more

Book Revew: The Descent

Posted on March 19th, by tac in Book Reviews, Read Once Throw Away. No Comments

This is one of those books that leaves me utterly conflicted.  In the first place, it’s not a book I’d normally end up reading.  I’d just finished watching The Descent1, which I enjoyed tremendously despite some flaws common to horror movies.2and was reading up a bit about it, when someone mentioned (incorrectly) that it was based … read more