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Jobless No More

Posted on March 4th, by tac in Tech Career. No Comments

So I received an offer of employment from a tech company here in the city today.  The money was a little less than I’d hoped for, and the position is temp to perm – I have to prove myself if I want to stay.

Still…  The combination of relief at finding employment in my new field, right when the money was about to run out, and the excitement of same – and the thrill of where I’m working and with whom; it all left me unable to decide whether I want to cry, scream, dance, or climb into bed.  At dwi’s suggestion, I took a brief walk outside, which helped ground me a bit.

Also at dwi’s suggestion, I’m going to write about this experience.  A big part of this move from the past career into tech is the hope that I’ll become more social and take needed steps to live the life I want to.  I’ll also be trying to cram massive amounts of new learning into my brain, and it’ll probably be valuable (and maybe fun) to blog about it from time to time.

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