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Conservatives showing their true colors

Posted on June 10th, by tac in Current Events. No Comments

All that talk about liberty and the rights of the individual seem awful anemic as Conservatives scramble to defend the National Security Agency’s PRISM spying technology.

With Ann Althouse1and her fans in particular running wild with claims that whistle-blower Edward Snowden has severely harmed our national security; I’ve even seen a number of people claiming that Snowden must be working for Obama – since “the center is now coalescing around” him.

You’ve got GOP legislators calling for the prosecution of the Snowden, and people joking about his rendition, torture, and/or murder.

Having watched at least some of an interview with Snowden, I’m not sure I’m ready to call him a true patriot.  Something seemed off about his story and his body language.  On the other hand, I was watching a man who has basically just walked away from his entire life – and is quite probably in fear for his existence at this point; so getting a read on him in a brief 12 minute video isn’t easy.  Whatever his motives however, my opinion is that he’s done a great – but probably futile – service to the Republic.  I say futile because I don’t think Americans care enough about privacy and the 4th Amendment to force the government to change – and even if they did, I think it’s pretty obvious that the government has long since ceased to see itself as constrained by the will of the People.

  1. a woman so obnoxious in her Conservatism / false libertarianism that my friend once half jokingly mused that she must be a leftist agent provocateur []

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