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Kat Through Time

Posted on March 5th, by tac in Photography. No Comments

My little buddy has a sister coming next week, and I thought it’d be fun to post some of my favorite photos of her throughout her life so far.

When she was born my camera had been purchased for use in surveillance, and other than a couple snapshots here and there, I’d never used it for anything else.  Kat not … read more

I never much cared for shaving

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Most of my life shaving was something that had to borne, not an enjoyable part of the day.   Deciding to try a safety razor rather than disposables changed all that.  The care it takes to avoid nicks, cuts, razor burn, etc, results in a sensual treat upon waking.  It takes longer than my old way, but as part of a … read more

Jobless No More

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So I received an offer of employment from a tech company here in the city today.  The money was a little less than I’d hoped for, and the position is temp to perm – I have to prove myself if I want to stay.

Still…  The combination of relief at finding employment in my new field, right when the money … read more

Book Review: Valkia the Bloody

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It is the nature of my blogging – for some reason – that from time to time I will a)  cease blogging out of nowhere and b)  return to blogging only to discover that my site has been hacked/destroyed/deleted/infected/all of the above.   Since the last post I published, I have restored my website, from various degrees of destruction, over half … read more

The War on Women

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Texas works on abortion bill less restrictive than Sweden’s abortion laws…

Woman falsely accuses 7 men of rape in 5 years, gets 2 years in prison – judge’s first concern is how her behavior makes life hard for real rape victims…

Men being forced to pay child support for the children their ex-wives had by another man…

Male wages and … read more

Two untitled

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I don’t normally find myself taken with poetry that comes out of fiction, but Richard K. Morgan’s Altered Carbon has some that I’ve come to really appreciate.  Particularly surprising to me because his fiction is heavily politicized, and he’s quite a leftist.  I’m not inclined to hold a fiction author’s politics against his or her work – but the poetry … read more

Geeks missing the point

Posted on June 11th, by tac in Social Issues. 5 comments

Found on Slashdot:

Most people fear things that are very unlikely to happen:

-Death from terrorism
-Death from oppressive government

We rant and shout with each other over which one is the bigger threat.

Meanwhile, most of us die from lack of proper personal health (diet, exercise, etc) or automobile wrecks, all of which are 100% within our ability

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Conservatives showing their true colors

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All that talk about liberty and the rights of the individual seem awful anemic as Conservatives scramble to defend the National Security Agency’s PRISM spying technology.

With Ann Althouse1and her fans in particular running wild with claims that whistle-blower Edward Snowden has severely harmed our national security; I’ve even seen a number of people claiming that Snowden must … read more